How To: DIY Wedding Invitations using the quint™ app

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In this video I want to show you how quick and easy it is to create awesome designs to share with your friends.

You can personalise your invites quickly and easily by selecting the template, add your details and use our images or yours. Send digital email RSVP tracked invites or have them printed professionally.

Let me show you now how quickly and easy it is to create your own personalised wedding invite.

So download the app today and start creating designs where you are the designer!

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The quint™ app has finally launched!!!

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Melina Wilkins, Founder of quint™ app.

Melina Wilkins, Founder of quint™ app.

I’m so thrilled to introduce my quint™ app to you! This has been a project that has taken over 2 years to design, build and create. I am a corporate Graphic Designer with my design studio called Black Swatch, covering all aspects of corporate branding. I also created an online store for personalised prints and canvases called quint design. It is through running quint design’s online store that I realised that an app would be perfect for my customers to generate their own designs using my templates and their content! This is where the dream of building quint™ app was born.

As this is the first release, I hope to expand the range and add some great features in the near future. Be sure to follow on Instagram @quintdesign for abstract arty shots and @quint_app for all the competitions and featured users!